Saturday, April 7, 2012

sweet saturday: good saturday

Let me tell you about Colleen's buns. Wait, before your mind goes to places it shouldn't, let me explain that I'm referring to Colleen aka tennismama aka baker extraordinaire at Heavenly Palate. And by her buns, I mean her Hot Cross Buns, a sweet treat circa the 16th century.

They are so easy to make and so super-hot-diggity-dayum-delicious -- if one can say that about a baked good traditionally made for Good Friday (Easter)--,  that it is simply a sin not to make them (sloth, is it?)

The little Miss Em was in a funky mood today: she would not wear her pretty pink apron, made horrid faces, and moved so much, all of my pictures came out blurry. And we ate the buns so fast that I didn't even get the chance to "pose" them for a pretty photograph. Okay, fine, I was too busy stuffing my face and I forgot, alright? So I'm using Colleen's pictures (I hope she forgives me for not asking). She did such a wonderful job with them and with the recipe explanation that, believe me, you are not missing much of mine.

For the full backstory, photos, steps, and recipe, go visit her at:

photo credit: Heavenly Palate

photo credit: Heavenly Palate

I've always had an issue with finding a warm spot in my house to let dough rise. Not that heat was itself an issue, this being sunny California (especially with today's weather) but I just love her suggestion to keep them in a preheated (170 F) then turned-off oven. I now have a dedicated place to do it at. Yay!

I followed the recipe to a T, except I used raisins, not cranberries. So my buns were probably missing the little tart taste to them, but they were just delicious, regardless. Also, we only put the cross on some of them and ate most without the glaze. I can totally see me making this at other times of the year without the cross, it is sweet enough for me without it.

One warning: Don't show the picture and announce that you are making them until AFTER you are done resting the dough. The wait can be A.G.O.N.I.Z.I.N.G. to an 8 year old little girl (or a 45 year-old Miss Piggy).

And voila, folks, this is how a new tradition just got made in my family. Thanks Colleen, I owe you one!

Do you have any special Easter or Passover traditions?


At 4/7/12, 6:00 PM , Blogger Colleen said...

thanks so much for your kind posting and compliments.**blush** I am honoured!
I'm very happy that Miss Em liked the bun!

At 4/7/12, 6:12 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

To say that she (correction, we) wolfed it down would be an understatement. Thanks for the great recipe, keep'em coming :)

At 4/8/12, 8:39 AM , Blogger Anne @ Green Eggs and Moms said...

Every Easter we just have my grammy cook delicious, not to mention fattening food, have everyone around the table and chat away. It's nothing grand but spending time with the whole family is always good.

At 4/8/12, 9:13 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Welcome, Anne :) That sounds absolutely fabulous!

At 4/8/12, 11:54 AM , Anonymous Heather@ Creative Family Moments said...

Those look absolutely delicious. I wish I had seen them sooner to make them for Easter. Although, honestly, who needs an excuse to make them?!

At 4/8/12, 3:25 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Welcome, Heather :) While mine looked nowhere near as nice as Colleen's, they were indeed delicious. I highly recommend them for breakfast, anytime of the year.
I'm toying with whether I should experiment with different fruits and nuts or just keep them the way they are, in their original Easter form and purpose.


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