Monday, May 16, 2011

who's the god now?

There was a time when nerds and doctors deserved respect, if for nothing else, at least for the massive quantity of information they were able to memorize and recite at command. But while nerds trudged along, happily enumerating pointless statistics and data to whomever was remotely interested, then went away rancorless when shooed to build us a comfortable future full of promise, doctors demanded that their god complex be worshiped, or else. Damned was he who showed up to a doctor’s office with any kind of information attained beforehand. He was virtually spat upon with contempt: how dare he, mere mortal, place himself in the same league as the gods of medicine? So he who had dared sat back down, tail between his legs, because the doctor was a god, and frankly, he was needed.

Nowadays, any idiot with a laptop, a tablet, or a freaking phone, can Google just about anything and give you an answer to just about any question within seconds. You need a recipe for a gluten-free rhubarb pie? Done! Need to know the capital of Kazakhstan? There it is! Care to inquire about the top 3 recommended therapies for treating colon cancer? You got it! Want to know if you conceive tonight, what the birthstone of your baby will be? Just plug today’s date in this here ovulation calendar and presto! No question is too silly, no answer is too complicated. If you thought to ask it, chances are somebody has asked it before you, maybe even a bunch of somebodies, one of whom (or some, or all) did the research and posted the extensive answers for your ready consumption. There are very few things left to be discovered, very few solutions left unsought. And it’s all up there on the internet at your virtual fingertips. 

So why do doctors still walk around like they own the joint (earth or the universe, depending on their specialty)? Can’t they see how silly they look now that the jig is up and everybody and their mother are privy to all/same information?  

The irony is that the average human has more time to be updated on the latest medical research than the average physician. So tell me then, honestly, who’s the god now? 


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