Thursday, June 7, 2012

unyoked: when love turns to obsession

STORY TIME THURSDAY:  Unyoked by Mishael Austin Witty

"Yeah. That God of yours really protects you a lot. He must really love you."
"He loves everyone, Liz. Remember that verse -- John 3:16." 

The story opens with Tony Driscoll, sitting at his usual table in the student center coffee shop, when he witnesses a loud breakup between two college students: Megan has outgrown her high-school-sweethearts relationship and is, unknowingly, breaking up with Keith right before he proposes to her. When Keith throws the engagement ring in the trashcan (missing it) and storms out, Tony cannot believe his luck! He manages to find an opportune moment to rush to her side and make his move on this (newly available) beautiful creature.

Unyoked follows the story of Tony's courtship of Megan, a fast and furious one, which very quickly takes a bizarre turn. From the onset, it's obvious that there is more to Tony than meets the eye -- a dark (perhaps even murderous) background, that could spell nothing but trouble for Megan. As his behavior and the circumstances surrounding their brief relationship become more erratic, danger seems unavoidable (to everyone except the pious and naive Megan).

This is the third book that I've now read, for this review series, without having any preconceived notions about its content; the element of surprise is starting to grow on me. I was immediately intrigued about exactly what Tony was trying to cover up with his lies. The plot thickened quickly, with subtle clues foreshadowing (though not quite preparing me for) the upcoming twists. I've found this story written almost as a screenplay, with enough dialogue, ample descriptions (akin to stage directions), and characters with enough back stories to make for a smooth transition to a movie. Also, I'm still trying to figure out what the cover photo means (or is). Maybe Mishael can shed some light on it for us? And while she's here, could she dispel or confirm rumors of a sequel?

Unyoked is available in Kindle version at Amazon
To find out more about Mishael, visit her website

Story Time for 6/14: Space Orville by Jeff Whelan (originally slated for review this week, but delayed for practical reasons). For an up-to-date list of scheduled reviews, click the Story Time Thursday icon on the menu bar above.

Same time, next week?

Meanwhile, here's a topic: discuss!

Despite her best friend Liz's advice and incidents that seem to implicate him, Megan keeps offering Tony second chances. What is your stand on second chances? Where do you draw the line at believing someone who has previously lied to you and admitted it? Do you believe in "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? What is your threshold for telling someone to take a hike?
A random drawing will be held for the folks who comment on this post, to give away the  digital version of this book. The winner's name will be announced next Thursday.
Last week's random drawing winner of Pray by John Prescott is Melanie. Mel, I have your email address and will be sending the pdf shortly. Congrats!

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