Monday, September 12, 2011

sweet saturday: the maiden edition that never was

After recently reading about it here, here and here, I could no longer resist the urge to jump on the Sweet Saturday bandwagon.

Who made this awesome sweet treat?

actual photo of fruit tart

Wait! Before you say anything, take a look at the next photo...

actual fruit tart in its original box

Before you start throwing your shoes at my head, hear me out:

I bake. Correction: I love to bake. Whether I am good at it or not, the jury is still out. Some of my concoctions are barely edible; some score pretty high on the wince-o-meter; some are just Meh; some are actually not half bad. Fortunately for my friends and family, I have as of yet managed not to poison anyone. So yes, I bake, correction I love to bake.

I bake mostly on weekends to have something sweet for my family to snack on during the week. More often than not, I do it with the little Miss Em. She even has her own set of pink tools. And we both love traditions, so we decided to get on board with this one. Furthermore, we decided to make this past Saturday our maiden, formal, Sweet Saturday: She was going to wear her princess pink apron and I was going to take lovely pictures of us, after throwing some flour on our faces, and then blog about them with my legendary charm and wit (ambitious undertaking, also a little delusional, as you can see).

And then Saturday came. More like pounced on us. Between her first day of Saturday school, registration, book buying, supplies buying, the obligatory Mommy-and-Emily breakfast sendoff, then the weekly visit to the library, then some more errands, then the phone call for me to be home for someone to come borrow something from my house (which necessitated skipping the shopping of the ingredients altogether), and voila, the morning and afternoon were shot. SaturDAY was quickly turning into SaturNIGHT. The week had been just as busy, with back to school, back to music classes, etc. So here I was, standing with my camera in the middle of my kitchen, still missing about 5 integral elements for the recipe we had chosen together. Plus I had intended to take some of the baked goods to a housewarming party that night and I had bubkus.

So, instead, the hubby (who is exemplarily patient with the constant changing of plans) picked up the above-featured beauty from our favorite baker in Pasadena, the modest, unpretentious but expert Vrej.

And so, instead of baking, we went online and looked at pretty pictures of what others had baked that day. And that night, we feasted on this sweet view, while eating our delicious tart.

A & A, may you be blissful in your new house, and may you invite us often! Amen.


At 9/12/11, 10:24 AM , Blogger Megan said...


At 9/12/11, 11:41 AM , Anonymous Heather said...

Lovely! I miss the lights of LA.

At 9/14/11, 9:51 PM , Anonymous Heather once more said...

By the way, what do you mean "the edition that never was"? Isn't this technically it?

At 9/15/11, 7:56 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Technically speaking, yes :)

At 9/17/11, 5:40 PM , Blogger Carol Elaine said...


Sorry about that.

*wipes corner of mouth*

And that is a lovely view.

At 9/18/11, 8:29 PM , Blogger Christine said...

nice tart, I'd likely end up doing the same! Beautiful views, thanks for stopping by.


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