Saturday, May 26, 2012

the cheek-to-cheek collage project

Norman (the old poop) is right: I just don't know how to stick to one project. I constantly create new ones, even before the current one is done. A regular Forrest Gump, yup, that would be me. 
But, shhhh... nobody tell him I admitted that, okay? I'll never hear the end of if!

This is a fun project and you all can participate. Let me explain.

So I've been busy uphauling, rehauling, and possibly overhauling my blogs. The mess is relatively worse at my other blog, The Behavioral Child, which is currently displaying an ungraceful disarray of test pages, broken links, and different versions of the same widgets. Luckily for me, the bulk of this behemoth of a task falls on the awesome Elaine of Elaine Griffin Designs, and she is working as fast and as furiously as she can (not helped by the fact that I'm changing more and more things along the way"And since we're doing it, how about we make this bigger, and this one less orangy, and this one more font-y?"). The mess will hit this blog when that one is finalized, soon, very soon, though in a more orderly fashion, when Monday Morning Musings changes officially to Megan Blogs. And moves to WordPress. Crossing fingers, toes, and everything in between that can be crossed.

Meanwhile... whilst waiting for the slow progress to make way for the fabulous final result, I couldn't help but notice that every time I pass by the ubiquitous photographs in my house, I always stop and smile at this one.

Was I ever that young?
Was Emily ever this small?
Look at those adorable baby cheeks!
Where did the time go?
Also, shit! my scanner is adding unattractive lines on my photos!

Mother and child photos, the cheek-to-cheek ones, have always been my favorites. Many years ago, when I was taking photography lessons at the annex of the community college in my area, I took this photo (below). It's not the greatest, but I take particular pride in it because I did the whole thing myself: I shot it, developed the film (in the dark), and developed the black-and-white photo (in a dark room). It seems ridiculous that people used to do that (and spend their free time learning how to do that) in our era of digital and convenient photography. But it was a fun project and I will always cherish this photo for that if not for other reasons, namely its subjects, my sister holding my then baby niece. Not quite the cheek-to-cheek I had in mind, Nora, so if you have a better photo, send it to me.

Was she ever that young?
Was Laurie ever this small?
Oh, those adorable baby cheeks!
Where did the time go?
Note to self: Google "the idiot's guide to scanner maintenance".

So here is my new project and your new mission, should you choose to accept it:
  • Find a cheek-to-cheek photo of yourself. You can be the parent or the child. If you don't have kids, you can substitute with a photo of your pet, or niece, or cousin, or a friend's kid, or something small and innocent. The older the photo the better; the more close-up the shot, the better. I want you to go Awww! when you dig it up. 
  • When you're done admiring your old bad self, upload your cheek-to-cheek photo to your Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, wherever, then put the link in my comments so I can copy it here [updated: or as the lovely K. pointed it out, upload it to my Facebook page Blogging with Megan]. I will make a collage of all the photos you give me. A wall of cheek-to-cheek photos. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

So whaddaya think? Are you up for it?

Oh, and don't forget to enter the still on-going 250 custom business cards UPrinting giveaway and the giveaway for Denise Moncrief's book, Eye of the Storm. And check out Counter-logic is not an alternative lifestyle, my guest post at P.O.V., if you are so inclined :)

09 - CHEEK TO CHEEK by manshon

Under construction: The name of this blog is being changed to Megan Blogs (thanks to the advice of people much smarter than me). Please bear with me during the rehauling process. I'm assured the mess will eventually make way for a much tidier digital experience both for you and for me.


At 5/26/12, 11:30 AM , Blogger Victorias_View said...

Three cheers for Elaine! Yay!

I love this idea! It sounds lovely :)

At 5/26/12, 11:53 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you looked like 10 years ago, Darcie :)

At 5/26/12, 1:37 PM , Anonymous K. said...

Megan, you can have them load their photos to your Facebook fan page.

At 5/26/12, 2:14 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Great idea, K. Updating the post :)

At 5/26/12, 2:22 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Which one. Hmm

At 5/26/12, 3:07 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Oooo I can't wait, you take the best pics!

At 5/27/12, 6:56 AM , Blogger Teresa Kander said...

What a great to look for a photo now!
Oh and you've been tagged! Hop on over if you want to play!! :)

At 5/27/12, 8:57 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Teresa :) never mind the meme, you are my 10,000th page-viewer, or at least the one who commented right after the counters turned to 5 digits. You get a $10 giftcard to celebrate this milestone with me. Which do you prefer, Starbucks or Amazon?

At 5/27/12, 6:56 PM , Blogger LA Botchar said...

Great idea...I love that first one. How many people actually asked to pinch her cheeks and did you throat punch them?

not sure I have any cheek-to-cheek ones. I know there is one particularly cute one my mom snapped of me skinny dipping with my cousin at night. Guessing that's not what you meant at all ;)

love, love the song. I am now addicted to Soundcloud myself. thank you.

At 5/27/12, 7:05 PM , Blogger Susi_Snaps said...

I have just the photo in mind. Hope I can find it. And remember to post the link!!! Cute pics.

At 5/27/12, 8:09 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Sent your giftcard to the email you DM'ed me, Teresa. Please let me know if you have any problems with receiving it. Congrats and enjoy!

At 5/27/12, 8:12 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Aw, thanks Rory :) She had the best cheeks, the little Miss Em!

Umm, maybe send it to me privately? ;)

Me thinks SoundCloud it genius. Maybe one of these days I'll learn to upload stuff of my own, and not be limited to using what they already have (tho I got lucky with this one).

At 5/27/12, 8:14 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Ooo, can't wait to see it, Susi. Your kids are adorable, I bet they were even cuter as babies :)

I'm thinking of making a separate page for this project and leaving it running for a while, to see what I'll get. I'm so exited you'll join me and, of course, I will post the link!

At 5/28/12, 4:51 AM , Blogger Hilary said...

You are so smart to use Elaine... I always struggle on my own... UGH!

At 5/28/12, 7:53 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

She's smart, creative, and patient, all rolled into one! She found stuff I had done wrong from the beginning (without even looking).

Now, where is that pic of you and Mr Alex? You hafta have a cute one and if you don't, it's time to get out that camera :)

At 5/29/12, 12:40 PM , Blogger Beckey said...

What a great idea! Now to find a cheek to cheek photo! :)

ps: I tagged you in a post -

At 5/29/12, 1:56 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I'm narrowing down the choice of portfolio widgets, to do the photos justice. Expecting yours :)

PS Heading over right now.

At 6/1/12, 11:44 AM , Blogger Mimi N said...

i'm totally IN!! Sent you 3 pics!! Ok, well that was the other day! =)

At 6/1/12, 12:38 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Mimi :) Done and done (the other day when you sent it) :D


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